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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku

Monday, September 24
General Session & Executive Track

Pilgrim Quality Solutions is pleased to announce it will launch its 2018 global customer conference with a keynote address from Dr. Michio Kaku, famed futurist, bestselling author, acclaimed on-air personality, theoretical physicist, popularizer of science, and co-founder of String Field Theory.

Dr. Kaku carries on Einstein’s quest to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into a single grand unified theory of everything. He also predict trends affecting business, commerce, and finance based on the latest research in science.

“We are honored and privilege to present the remarkable theories and insights of the brilliant and engaging Dr. Michio Kaku at Fusion 2018,” said Pilgrim General Manager Rick Lowrey. “He will lend his lifelong passion for asking “Why not?” as a jumping off point for the conference’s examination of next generation quality.”

Following Dr. Kaku’s keynote address during the Fusion 2018 Monday September 24th General Session to all attendees, Dr. Kaku will conduct a complementary book signing for conference attendees. He will also join the those executive leaders attending the invitation-only Fusion Executive Track for a private luncheon.

Dr. Kaku holds the Henry Semat Chair in Theoretical Physics at the City University. of New York. He graduated from Harvard University in 1968 (summa cum laude and 1st in his physics class). He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1972, and been a professor at CUNY for almost 30 years. He has taught at Harvard and Princeton as well. His Ph.D. level textbooks are required reading at many of the world’s leading physics laboratories.

Dr. Kaku has written three NY Times Best Sellers including his latest, currently the #1 hardcover, non-fiction book in the country, The Future of the Mind, which details the stunning breakthroughs being made in neuroscience, which are finally beginning to unravel the mysteries of the most complex object in the known universe, the human brain.

He has starred in science programming for television including series for Discovery, Science Channel, BBC, ABC, and History Channel. Beyond his numerous New York Times bestselling books, Dr. Kaku has also been a featured columnist for top science publications such as Popular Mechanics, Discover, Cosmos, WIRED, New Scientist, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Variety, Vanity Fair, and many others.

He also is a news contributor to several news organizations including CBS, CBSN, FOX News, CNN, and CNBC, and has made guest appearances on all major talk shows including The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Late Show, The Tonight Show, and Conan. He was profiled in the award-winning documentary film, “Me & Isaac Newton” by Michael Apted.

To learn more about Dr. Kaku and his lifelong pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of the universe, you can download is biography here.